But I know better, whom she jilted for
that rug of lust and fang and violence
(ape-slouching ape-furred satyr-minotaur).
Charity ravished her, and rose-innocence;
and I forgave the glory that I lost;
though not the kingly lies that sheltered her.
- as: "happy ever after" (gold-embossed
with dowry and cradle, crown and trumpeter).

Pictures?  Why not?  But I know.  Windowless
in the stone grave-thick walls of the King's keep
there is a Glamis Chamber.  Can you guess
the pity of it?  That is where they sleep
and copulate, and feed, excrete, and brood
- watered and foddered naked, with no light.
And chained there to a goblin solitude.
A truth too vehement for common sight.

But I saw - Peeping Tom, and eavesdropper?
Shamefully?  No doubt - but I saw that kiss
the heralds boast exchanged by him and her.
And did not like the sequal.  It was this.
As fabled, now a spell-struck denizen
melted its fleshy jail, and limb for limb
gender was match to gender: yes: but when
their lips met, it was she that grew like him.